Plant Medicine

Skin Cancer


In January of 2016 I treated my own biopsied squamous skin cancer using Apple Cider Vinegar and Organic Eggplant.  You can witness the cancer turn black after a few days pass.  Pay attention to the layers of cancer cells dying off until there there was evidence that all had been eradicated. As of April, 2019 there is no sign of it returning and no expectation that it ever will, as my understanding leads me to believe that it took decades for the mutated cells to be symptomatic. (Cost $11)



In February of 2019 I travelled to Peru to spend 9 days in the Amazon jungle with 21 other people from around the world.  We went to find or face something within ourselves.  We went there to let go and heal spiritual, mental/emotional and physical imbalances.  The experience changed me in ways I could not quite predict. It was deeply profound experience that accessed and transformed me.